Think It’s Impossible to Have Longer, Thicker Hair? Well, Think Again

A lot of hair growth nay-sayers will try to have you believe that hair growth and hair thickness can only be stimulated from within…….and they are partly right.

Many of them would argue that it is not possible to stimulate longer, thicker hair by applying products.  This is where they are completely wrong.

Whilst it is true that hair growth from internal factors is achieved from a combo of genes and diet,  these two factors will be completely useless if:

  • your scalp pores are blocked, thereby reducing blood flow to feed your hair follicles with vital nutrients essential for growth
  • your hair follicles are dead or redundant.

These hair-growth nay sayers will tell you that hair growth products only give you the appearance of longer or thicker hair,  that the thickness of your hair depends on the number of inherent follicles you possess and that no hair growth product will suddenly help you sprout more hair follicles to give you thicker hair.  A little knowledge can be dangerous as whilst they are right in believing that no hair growth products will help you sprout more follicles for voluminous & thicker hair, what they do not know is that our hair follicles start to die off or  get redundant from around age 23.

If these follicles are jumpstarted or get re-activated again, they would start to function normally, producing increasingly longer & thicker hair.

The TLC Naturals Grow It range of hair growth produces were formulated specifically to

  • accelerate hair growth from existing hair follicles, thereby promoting longer hair.
  • Stimulate scalp circulation, thereby enabling vital nutrients from your diet and from the products to feed the follicles
  • jumpstart and reactivate dead, dying redundant or inactive hair follicles, thereby promoting thicker hair.

It is a well known fact that we absorb over 80% of what we apply to the surfaces of your body.  Our hair consists of porous strands and our scalp contains pores.  The right sort of ingredients in a hair product will certainly penetrate the hair strands (to repair & strengthen the hair, boosting length retention), and also penetrate the pores of the scalp to feed the roots and follicles of the hair.

TLC Naturals hair growth products consists of natural plants that have been used very successfully for centuries in India, Japan, Asia, South America & beyond to boost hair growth and thickness.  These natural plants are often combined and applied topically to the scalp and hair.

Now those that ‘claim’ it is impossible to grow the hair from products applied to it……are they telling us that they are more knowledgeable than the Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Africans and cultures all over the world who have successfully grown their hair FOR CENTURIES  from topically application of natural ingredients & plants?  Hmm?

TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Growth products brings together some of the most effective hair growth plants from Japan, Africa. China, India and more to create a synergetic trio of products that covers all the 3 essentials for successful hair growth:

  • longer hair & better length retention
  • healthy, active follicles & hair roots that continue to grow & thicken the hair
  • healthy, functioning scalp

You can find these individually in the TLC Naturals Grow It hair Juice, the Grow It Hair Cream or the Intense Hair Serum.  You can also find it combined in the Grow It Trio Product Bundle.

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1 Comment

  1. i don’t know why so many people feed others lies that what you put on your hair cannot grow your hair or you should just be patient and your hair will simply grow.
    i am glad that you tell it like it is and you are right. I work in the health & science industry and can confirm that because the hair has cuticles and the scalp has pores, whatever you apply to these will feed, nourish or destroy the hair growth rate.

    i have used both your grow it oil on my scalp and the growth juice on my hair.ends. i am really impressed with the growth and length retention i received. i haven’t finished my bottles yet, but I want to stock up for Christmas


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