More TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Growth Products

My customers loved the TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Cream & told me it gave them visible hair growth in just 7-10 days, so…….I only went & made more Grow It Hair products for you to love.


Formulated to treat split ends, stop breakage, reduce shedding, increase length retention &stimulate new hair growth.

I created this hair growth cocktail with natural plants used in Japan for centuries in promoting hair growth, and we all know the long, thick & gorgeous hair of the Japanese & Chinese people.The Grow It Hair Juice is rich in natural nutrients & compounds geared towards hair growth, including organic protein, organic sulphur, organic silica, caffeine, allantoin and so much more!This hair growth cocktail contains:
MSM – a naturally occuring form of sulphur, prized for growing, softening & thickening the hair.

Chinese Black Tea – rich in caffeine, which blocks DHT ( a hormone that can stunt hair growth), thereby boosting hair growth & thickness. It also strengthens the hair & reduces breakage.

Comfrey Root – contains allantoin which regenerates cells, which makes it perfect for regenerating dead/redundant hair follicles. Due to comfrey’s ability to treat damaged cells, it treats splits ends, breakage and damaged hair very quickly.

Japanese Bamboo – has long been prized by the Japanese for its hair growth properties. As we know, the Japanese & Chinese are know for their long, flowing locks of hair. Bamboo is really special because it has the highest levels of naturally occuring silica, which promotes rapid hair growth and thickness. Perhaps this is the reason why the bamboo tree is one of the quickest growing trees in the world.
Bamboo is the star ingredient in the Grow IT Hair Growth Juice due to its ability to promote really quick & thick hair growth.

But that’s not all…..the Grow It Hair Juice contains a lot of hair-growing, hair-thickening ingredients to keep your hair softer, stronger, longer & thicker!

You can buy the Grow It! Hair Juice from our store HERE  –

Also say hello to the TLC NATURALS GROW IT! INTENSE HAIR GROWTH SERUM – for those who really serious about growing their hair and retaining length.
One of the unique properties of this oil is that when you apply a little bit to the ends of your hair, it stops breakage, treats split ends and repairs damaged hair. Applying the oil to your scalp has a unique effect of not just stimulating your scalp and hair roots, but also jumpstarting sluggish or dead hair follicles to get your hair growing.
Our Grow It intense hair oil doesn’t just grow your hair, it also increases overall thickness by ‘rebooting’ follicles that have become redundant.I made the Grow It Intense Serum, using natural, yet potent Indian & Asian plants, that have been used for centuries for growing their hair in India/Asia. Who wouldn’t want to have thick, lustrous hair like the Indians?

This potent serum contains:
Mustard Oil – prized in India for keeping the hair long & healthy. Mustard Oil is rich in nutrients such as zinc, selenium, protein and beta carotene. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A, which is excellent in stimulating hair growth at a much faster rate.

Fenugreek Seeds – extremely effective and powerful seeds which reduce hair fall, dandruff and hair thinning and makes hair silky smooth. Fenugreek seeds replenish hair growth and are a great source of nicotinic acid and protein, niacin, potassium, Vitamin C, amino acids as well as diosgenin. A lot of scientists have confirmed that fenugreek contains a large amount of lecithin which is a natural emollient and make them healthy and strong. It also tones the hair, making it silky and shiny.The chemical composition of the seed shows it is rich in protein and amino acids thereby moisturising the hair and reducing hair loss and dandruff.
You can now understand why fenugreek is so popular in Indian Ayurveda hair care and Indian traditional medicine men/women use it A LOT in natural remedies to stimulate quick hair growth & volume.

Cayenne Pepper – Excellent results have been seen with alopecia, male pattern baldness and excellent results also in women that have lost their hair. Capsaicin, a chemical in cayenne pepper stimulates the hair follicles, another chemical, quercetin, increases blood flow to the scalp which is beneficial to hair growth. capsaicin increases IG-F (insulation growth factors), which help hair growth as a result of stimulating hair follicles.

The mustard oil forms part of the base of  the intense hair growth serum. In this base, I slowly infuse (using traditional methods), the fenugreek seeds, cayenne pepper, as well as other ingredients like garlic & ginger.

Garlic is a rich source of sulfur which happens to be a vital component of many different types of proteins including keratin. Ginger increases blood circulation on your scalp & increases the rate of hair growth. It also treats damaged hair follicles.

These ingredients and so much more are found in the Grow It Intense hair growth serum.

Don’t worry, you will not end up smelling like a curry house as this yum intense serum does not cause a stink.
You will however feel a slight warming sensation your scalp from using this oil, as your follicles come alive thanks to the potent nutrients in the oil.

You can find the Grow It Intense Hair Serum HERE –
As you can see, I have created a synergetic trio of hair growth products, using the finest & most potent hair growth ingredients from all around the world.On the left: the hair growth juice contains hair growth ingredients prized in Japan & the Orient, used there for thousands of years.In the middle: the intense hair growth serum contains hair growth ingredients prized in India & Asia, used for thousands of years

And on the left: the hair growth cream contains hair growth ingredients from the western world, Africa & South America, used for thousands of years.

These products are suitable for all hair types: natural hair, virgin, permed/relaxed hair, caucasian/white hair, indian/asian hair, wavy hair, curly hair and more

not suitable for kids under 2 years and due to the strength of the Intense hair growth serum, not suitable for pregnant women in the early trimester.

These three products also come in a Product Bundle

Grow It! package contains all THREE hair growth products – juice, intense serum & hair cream.

You can buy it at the website below at 30% DISCOUNT. Please note though, that this special offer ends on Thursday, 20th September 2012, 11pm GMT


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