Help For Hair Loss Caused by Diabetes

A reader asked me this question:

My mom is 76 and diabetic…her hair is sparse especially to the front….would your hair serum work for her? thanks

Diabetes is a hormone disorder that can frequently lead to hair loss.

Of course, your mom should be on medication for her diabetes, but I would also HIGHLY recommend she drinks a lot of green tea each day. 5-6 cups of green tea would be ideal for best effect. There are certain nutrients in Green tea, which regulates SHBG; inhibits Aromatase and TGF-b , and reduces DHT – all of which get worsened by diabetes & trigger the hair loss & thinning hair commonly seen in diabetics.

Drinking copious amounts of green tea is particularly helpful for normalizing endocrine abnormalities & autoimmune issues which also goes hand-in-hand with diabetes.  The endocrine system comprises of several hormones that helps the body function properly and control various body tissues.  Diabetes can disrup this endocrine system. An example of this is the secretion of  the hormone androgen.  Androgen controls hair growth & healthy hair follicles.  Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to androgen abnornmalities, which can cause the hair follicles to go dormant or die.  When this happens, the hair dies and falls off.

Drinking green tea & a healthy diet does hand-in-hand n helping to stabilise hormone levels, allowing the hair to grow back.

Topically, I would recommend the TLC naturals Grow It Hair Juice which contains Chinese black tea & Japanese bamboo extract. These two ingredients reduce DHT which contribute to hair loss, and also help gently stimulate hair growth and reduce shedding.

Many diabetics are prone to scalp fungal & bacterial infections, which does contribute to the hair loss. For this, I would recommend the TLC Naturals Grow It hair cream, which contains nutrient-rich plants & oils that clear the scalp of these infections and feed the follicles.

Circulatory problems is very common in diabetics. Poor circulation causes the hair follicles to die, leading to subsequent hair loss. The grow it intense hair serum can be used to remedy this, as its specific purpose is to restore dead, damaged & redundant follicles

You can find these 3 products in our Grow It Product Bundle at the link below.

In addition to being under medical care, maintaining a healthy diet and drinking green tea, the TLC Naturals Grow It Product Bundle can help diabetics restore their hair in these ways:

  • addressing circulatory problems, by boosting and stimulating circulation in the scalp pores.   Increased circulation encourages the blood flow to feed the hair rots and follicles with vital hair nourishing nutrients.
  • Reactivating dormant, dead or redundant hair follicles.
  • accelerating hair growth.
  • strengthening the hair strands.  Diabetes weakens the body cells and tissues..  Weakened hair strands in diabetes tend to break off or shed, resulting in the hair loss commonly seen in diabetes.  The hair growth cream and hair juice, in particular, in the product bundle  infuses the strands with nutrients that help to fortify the strands the hair and reduce the excessive shedding and breakage in the hair of diabetics.
  • boosting longer hair and better length retention
  • keep the hair follicles and hair roots healthy & active, so that they continue to grow & thicken the hair
  • maintain a healthy, functioning scalp.

As you can see, TLC Naturals are not just products that make your hair look good & shiny.  Coming from holistic background myself, my goal with TLC Naturals products was to create products that contribute to your overall health and well-being, including the health of your hair and scalp.

Update 2016:

The product packaging on TLC Naturals has been updated since the blog post was written.  Same ole sweetness, all new wrapper!



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  1. hey! My dad has diabetes and I found out that drinking cinnamon tea also regulates blood sugar levels. he used to add a 1/2 a teaspoon to his tea or hot chocolate every morning and found that his blood sugar levels never went above a 10, whereby before it would shoot up to an 18 or higher! normal blood sugar ranges between a 4 and 8. hope that helps some one too. you could also simply boil up cinnamon sticks instead, my dad was lazy and just mixed in the powder with tea he was already drinking lol plus he could actually see how much he was taking xxx

      1. so to make things easier maybe you could flavour your green tea with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon! We have diabeties busting tea recipe right here! lol x

  2. hello paige,

    i just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful product for hair. when i read this blog, i bought your hair growth bundle for my mother. she has been using for almost 3 weeks now and the result is just astonishing. please keep up your good work.
    God bless,


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