Follicle Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know

Beautiful healthy hair goes beyond your hair strands, scalp and even the root of your hair.  A healthy (and I must add, active) follicle is needed to grow healthy, beautiful hair.

Did you know that:

  • we are born with about a thousand hair follicles  per square centimetre in our scalp?
  • each hair follicle will grow about 20 new hairs throughout our lifetime?
  • by age 25, our number of follicles falls  to 600 per square centimetre and by age 40, it falls even further down to 250 per square centimetre
  •  the thinning hair  and hair loss effect we experience as we get older is as a result of our hair follicles dying off and becoming redundant


Did you also know that it is possible to regrow your hair, re-activate dead/thinning hair follicles  and achieve thicker hair, despite getting older?  This is all achievable through the use of TLC Naturals Grow It Intense Hair Serum

Some people bemoan the fact that they had beautiful, long and thick hair as a child and they feel they would never achieve the same gorgeous length of hair as they get older.  They are so wrong.

Here are pictures of my hair as a child compared with pictures of my hair now:

LEFT – My Hair As A Kid                                RIGHT – My Hair Now

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I have the Grow It Intense Serum to thank for increasing my hair thickness and density.

However, I also have the Grow It Fortifying Fluid to thank for strengthening my hair strands, and curbing breakage & shedding.

In addition to Indian mustard oil, Indian Cayenne pepper, and Indian fenugreek seeds, TLC Naturals Grow It Intense Hair Serum contains several natural organic compounds and enzymes that:

  1. feed existing active hair follicles, boosting & speeding up the production of  new hair growth
  2. re-active and jump-start redundant inactive hair follicles to get them growing healthier hair again, thus providing an increase to the overall thickness of the hair, and also
  3. strengthens every single hair strand, by rebuilding weak, damaged, hair strands from the inside out, making it stronger and much less prone to shedding, breakage, damage or split ends.

This makes the Grow It Intense Serum ideal for those experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia, bald patches, premature balding and so on.

In fact, the product isn’t just for women, but works really well for men, too.

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The Grow It Rapid Growth Cream does a fab job of increasing hair growth, and the Grow It Fortifying Fluid keeps the hair stronger by stopping breakage, split ends and shedding,  but the Grow It Intense Serum specifically focuses on the hair follicles, keeping them healthy and energising them to grow healthy and beautiful hair.


Find the entire TLC Naturals hair growth collection HERE.



    1. it’s not just for the guys.. lots of women have used the products with great success too. You can find the testimonials and feedback on the main website. Just type in ‘Grow It’ in the search box at the online store (see link) and click on the products to see some of the testimonials & feedback received.


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