TLC Naturals Birthday Giveaway

with the excitement of Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale behind us, we can now focus on the TLC Naturals Birthday Giveaway

Thanks to you, TLC Naturals turned 1 year earlier this month and I asked you to let me know which product you would want me to give away as a Thank You by clicking the ‘WANT’ button on the tlc naturals online store.

Not surprisingly, many of you WANTED the Grow It Hair Cream. At 9am today, the Grow It Hair received the most ‘WANTS’, clocking up 9!!!
So, I will be giving away the Grow It Hair Cream to a lucky winner by Friday. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below this picture with ‘Happy 1st birthday, TLC Naturals’ and a winner would be randomly selected & announced on Friday.Thank you for helping make TLC Naturals a success!!

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