Customer Feedback

Here is some of the feedback received from customers.

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Sieta (UK)

Sieta has seb dermatitis of the scalp with associated hair loss and used the TLC Naturals Scalp Therapy products

I feel that my hair became thicker over the past two weeks, particularly around the edges. Also whenever I apply the scalp therapy  balm, my scalp immediately cools down. My scalp is a little less sensitive after use.

I have noticed growth in my hairline. My hairline is getting thicker and my baby hairs are growing back in as well, it is definitely a growth aid!

*   *   *

Chelsie Williams, USA – 

I was going to wait for a full week to write a review, but TLC Naturals is by far the BEST natural hair care line I have tried. I am a recovering product junkie and TLC Naturals was my latest attempt at trying a product made for naturals. Paige has really created a line that puts SheaMoisture, KinkyKurly,and others to shame. I love Carol’s Daughter, but even she has nothing on TLC Naturals.

*   *   *

Juliana, USA:

TLC Naturals products are like no other product I have ever used you can see and feel the difference after 1 use and the next day your hair is still 100% full hydrated and moisturized from root to tip. OMG!! The entire hair product line is simply amazing!!!

*    *   *

Boses, USA:

your products are UNBELIEVABLE! MY HAIR IS STILL 100% MOISTURIZED AND HYDRATED. Paige my hair is WOW!!! SOOOO VERY SOFT, FULL, MOISTURIZED AND HYDRATED. As a true user of 100% Vegan and Natural and the International Representative for a 40 year old Vegan company. I can say with true honesty and integrity that the QUALITY and LOVE you put into your products AND 100% VISIBLE WITHIN MINUTES OF USE. AND THE NEXT DAY TELLS THE TRUTH, I LOVE IT !! TLC ROCKS AND ROCKS HARD!!!! EXCELLENCE!

*    *    *

Brandi, USA:

That Grow It hair growth cream is a miracle product

*    *    *


I have stopped using Hairveda.  I love my TLC Naturals products too much!

*    *    *


Valencia has dry itchy scalp and used the TLC Naturals Scalp Therapy Leave In Conditioner

“The product is great! My head is not itching at all, it’s a great scalp conditioner!”  “ still looking amazing, the curls are well defined and the scalp is not itching.“

*    *    *


My daughter & I have been using the anti-itch spray.  We love it and it does the job really well.   Our hair is very soft too and no frizz 

*    *    *


tanx, got the package on friday. i say, the product is getting beta each passing day, thumbs up!!

*    *    *

Atricia, USA:

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products! Thanks to you I am no longer a product junkie, I no longer browse endless websites looking for my miracle product, spending loads of money in the process.

*    *   *


I could feel it working as I applied the TLC Naturals conditioner to my curls. A few minutes later when I looked in the mirror, my curls were beautifully defined.  My hair looked shinier and when I touched it, it felt softer, and the curls kind of stayed in place, so naturally.

*   *   *

Natural Hair Care Info (hair blogger), USA:

The knots literally melted away when I used the  Spritz as a detangler and it does a great job of refreshing day two, three, and four day curls! Overall I really, really like these products and this company! The products all came through wonderfully and did what they claimed to do.  The products all came through wonderfully and did what they claimed to do. Two thumbs up for TLC organic natural hair products!

*   *   *
Chesney, USA:

Received my order , & I couldn’t be more pleased. Shipping time was EXCELLENT considering that I’m in the US…took about 7 days. This is my first time trying the leave in & hair oil & I’m very happy so far. The leave in made my scalp feel great (I currently have a style so I tested it on my scalp). With the oil…a little goes a looong way which is a plus! Now the spritz is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I cannot get enough of this stuff. I wish I had ordered an extra bottle & a couple sample sizes for my purse! This spritz wakes my hair up every time & leaves it feeling soft & moisturised!!!

*    *   *

Christiana, UK:

Thank you, Paige, for the Grow It Hair Cream which I have been using for a few months . I have tried so many other known products on my 7 year old’s scalp eczema, but grow it is the only one that has worked & worked quickly.

Please do a skin care range soon


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