We Call Them Cleansers, Not Shampoos

As you guys have noticed, we have introduced hair cleansers (not shampoos) to both our Scalp Therapy range and our Grow It hair growth range of hair products.  These products are unisex (can be used on males & females) and suitable for all hair types.

However, why do we call them hair cleansers and NOT shampoos when they perform practically the same functions?

Our hair cleansers function as shampoos in the sense that they are used as alternatives to shampoos to clean the hair and scalp.  On the other hand, the cleansers are very different from shampoos in the sense that they do not lather or foam up in the same way that regular shampoos do.

You see, when broadly defining shampoos, it is generally referred to a cosmetic hair product that is used to clean the hair and scalp.  The wikipedia definition adds further: the goal is to remove the unwanted buildup without stripping out so much sebum as to make the hair unmanageable.

NB:  not the phrase ‘without stripping out so much sebum‘…..this implies that some sebum will definitely still be stripped out.

And there in lies the problem.  All shampoos include a surfactant, which is a substance that makes it possible to mix oil and water or for lathery things to remove oil or dirt from your skin or clothes.   The surfactants help to dissolve oil, sebum and so on from the skin and scalp. This means that surfactants will exhibit detergency properties.  This detergency property of surfactants is what makes shampoos bubbly, foamy and lathery. And here is the kicker:  no matter how mild a detergent or surfactant is, it WILL cause some form of irritation  to the our skin, scalp and hair strands.

Very mild shampoos and those that are SLS-free simply use milder surfactants, but they still cause some irritation and dryness.


So I thought:  why not just remove  the surfactants altogether and thereby completely removing the risk of irritation?  

And that is exactly what I did!  I eliminated the surfactants, replacing them instead with natural plant saponins (ie cleansing agents found in plants – even the word ‘soap’ comes from saponins) and cleansing minerals and clays.

Of course, this means that you don’t get the lathery, foamy feel when you wash your hair, but you still get clean hair that is NOT stripped, NOT dry and doesn’t need layers of conditioning afterwards to restore back to health.


Since these TLC Naturals hair products do not contain any surfactants, we can’t really call them shampoos, so I think the name ‘hair cleansers’ are a much better and suitable alternative.

If you have hair loss, thinning, shedding or breakage, the Grow It Hair Cleanser is perfect for you.

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If  you have scalp problems, eczema, dermatitis, or dandruff, the Scalp Therapy Hair Cleanser is perfect for you.

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Got any questions?  Leave me a comment below or email me at hello@tlcnaturalsonline.com

Till next time, I wish you:  Peace, Love and Healthy Hair



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