Audrey From France Reviews TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Juice

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TLC naturals Grow It hair juice is a hair growth product that promotes the quick growth of the hair.  It is formulated for conditions such as breakage, shedding, slow hair growth, thinning hair and so on.

Unless we have  thinning hair, scalp or follicle problems, many of us are always growing our hair all the time,  However, sometimes it can seem like our hair is not growing because it remains at the same length.  This is usually due to poor length retention as a result of shedding, breakage and thinning of the hair.   When the hair sheds or breaks faster than it grows, it is said to have poor length retention.   This is where the Grow It hair juice  comes in!

TLC Naturals Grow It hair juice adds strength to the hair, stops shedding and breakage very quickly, and helps the hair grow much faster by increasing the length retention of the hair.

The Grow It hair juice isn’t just for people with natural hair or curly hair.  Over straight and wavy haired caucasian sisters also benefit from it, as evidenced by this review by Audrey in France.  In fact, all the Grow It hair growth products from TLC Naturals are suitable for all hair types, and can be used by both male and female.


The review is in French, however, here is the feedback received from Audrey on the Grow It Hair Juice:

tlc naturals,reviews, grow it, hair growth, juice, white,caucasian,

I really like that the product is very concentrated.  It will last a very long time.  The Grow It Juice made my hair grow 3 times faster  in just ONE MONTH, so I am very happy with this product!!

If you understand French, you can read the rest of the review HERE

For best results, I recommend you use the Grow It Juice with the Grow It hair cleanser and either the Grow It Serum or the Grow It Hair Cream.  Shampoo your hair with the Grow It hair cleanser, moisturise with the Grow It Juice and condition with the Grow It Serum OR  the Grow It Hair Cream



  1. TLC products feel great!! They are truly quality products here. I made my purchase about a month ago and I use the juice with cream ,daily. I have a goal for extreme length by June and I have all products but I mainly use the juice and cream together daily.

  2. TLC Naturals has been very dishonest with me. I made an order and they never sent it to me. I sent more than fives messages but they ignored everything. So I have paid 47 Euro and TLC keeps my money without send me any product.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that!

      Are you emailing the right address?

      Our website and email is being updated to comply with the GDPR requirements.

      If you are still unable to get through, please email directly at


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