Rae Uses Our GROW IT! Hair Cream

Rae of One Day In Her Life, got her hands on the latest addition to our hair product line, the GROW IT! Hair Cream, and very nicely offered to do a review for the cream.

The formula for this cream includes MSM, growth stimulating & hair thickening Indian Ayurveda plants, growth enhancing natural plants & herbs, and follicle stimulating essential oil blends.

We formulated this hair cream to: Stimulate hair growth, thickness & volume
Slow down & reverse premature balding & hair loss
Rejuvenate damaged & thinning hair
Strengthen weak roots
Treat alopecia, excessive hair shedding & hair loss
Treat scalp problems like dandruff, scalp eczema
Stimulate sluggish hair follicles & encourage growth
Treat & prevent split ends

This cream is not a styling cream, moisturising spritz, conditioner or oil. It will certainly leave your hair conditioned & moisturised, but it has a primary goal of treating hair problems & boosting growth.

Although a cream, we made it to be non-greasy & very penetrative, which makes it ideal for ALL hair types, including those with very fine hair strands.

For best results, you will need to use the cream for about a month on the scalp & hair to see initial results. Although, I have had people writing to me & telling me they are seeing their edges filling in after 10-14 days!

Rae is one of the people who requested to review the cream, so we will be following her progress.

I am eager to see the effects of the cream on all hair types: coloured, natural, permed, relaxed, transitioning, types 1 to 4.

So if you are using the cream & want to share your experience, drop me a line at contact@tlcnaturalsonline.com

Meanwhile, let’s head on over to Rae’s blog to learn her initial experience with the GROW IT! Hair Cream.

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